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The car has been playing an important role in bring people a more convenient life. Plenty of time is not wasted due to the use of the car. We often put emphasize on the use of this vehicle, while we seldom place importance to its maintenance. Actually, every part of our car needs our attention. As long as any part goes wrong or can not work at all, we should act to replace it with a brand new one for the purpose of maintaining both the car’s high performance and a safe driving. If the solving of a serious problem is delayed, the car’s performance will be affected in a negative way, even be serviceable for people.These are possible examples of how an “Office” character might have grown up, and possibly how some of their quirks and subsequently friendly attitudes were born. I still think some of the characters on “The Office” are not as friendly as the people in Scranton, but what they put up within “The Office” is surely indicative of their friendliness. Those moments of humor are the best parts of the show.